I've been using FileMaker since version 2.1 on the Macintosh back in 1993 and currently using version 10 Advanced. Here you'll find some info I've come across over time...


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Tutorials / Tips

FileMaker and XML

viewlightbulbtip FileMaker XML Overview
NOTE : You must be using Server Advanced (7+) to utilize these Tips

Since Server 7 Advanced, people have many more options on getting data out of FileMaker besides using

FileMaker and Flash

downloadThe FileMaker and Flash files of a starter solution. Not quite complete but shows you how to read/create records using XML calls from flash.

Utilizing Excel Charting

At a high level, you can export data from FileMaker to a text file and then call an Excel sheet with a data range set to automatically re-load the data when the file is opened.

You can then utilize any of the charting features of Excel. Below is a link to a sample database that utilizes this.

see how


I always struggle with this. I like small header navigation like the below image, but the trick is in maintenance and usability

see how


Sample walk through of converting a FileMaker 3 database to a current version.


Numismatics database coming...