Navigation Overview

Nov 2009

download sample file

Create a layout you like.


Create some scripts.

Instead of having to go into each layout and change things later, create some generic scripts that allow you to change things with ease down the road.

These are the more generic "Goto Details", "Goto Browse", "Goto Table View", "Goto Search" scripts on the left side of the nav and the more specific "Goto a specific Section" on the right

The links to the different sections on the right are very straight forward, i.e.

To be able to handle any number of sections, I genericized the "Goto Details" scripts, etc. In order for these to work, you just have to follow a naming convention for your layouts.

For every details layout, there's an associated browse layout

You can then write scripts that can switch between layouts that aren't too complicated and don't require maintenance when you add new sections, etc.

Goto Details

Goto Browse

You can edit in some layouts that obviously don't have a 'browse" section but it really doesn't matter as if FileMaker just won't do anything if you ask it to go to a layout that doesn't exist.

Goto Search

This consists of 3 small scripts

The first one simply stores the current layout in a global variable so a script can take them back to where they came from.

They end up here.

A user can simply go back to where they came from by clicking the <<< go back button which script looks like:

or enter search terms and click perform search that executes the following script:


I also like multiple colors to denote the different sections (also included in sample file)